Here's what people have to say about R-Tec Barrier pants

Great barrier from the cold!

I no longer need to carry around a bulky pad to sit on while I hike up the bluff. Using the R-Tecs as my second layer, then snowpants on top of those works great. I tested them in below freezing weather and I was not cold sitting on the ground for hours at below freezing temperatures. Also, you do not notice the pad while walking as it fits well to the body.

December 10th 2014 - Trenton H.

Works great for action sports!

The first time I wore R-Tec Barrier with the neoprene insert, I was concerned it would feel like I was carrying an extra load but quickly realized I hardly noticed as the underpants became a part of the uniform. They felt great! I think it's an ideal layer for anytime the weather is below single digits. Another concern was that they would be too restrictive and would be mainly worn for sitting sports, but I realized they work great for action sports. The additional perforated neoprene option will still allow comfort for a warmer temperature range. All in all... a great product. It's all about having another layer of protective skin which is a good concept.

Apr 12, 2013 by Rich R.

A life saver

I wore this product a couple different times. One night with a temperature of 6 degrees above zero, I started without wearing the neoprene insert. As the night went on and the temperature dropped, I added the neoprene. It was a life saver, especially while sitting on plastic seats on the chair lift. It is a very good product. And the neoprene panel fit well within its pocket. I think the product excels especially on days of 10 degrees and colder.

They saved all of the ski patrol team's butts today. They work great. You are going to want a pair.

Apr 03, 2013 by Brent J.

High quality product

It is a pleasure to say a word of recommendation and endorsement in behalf of R-Tec Barrier's premium performance underwear pants. I found this product to deliver what it promised, a comfortable garment to wear, while keeping me warm and dry for hours.

As the Owner and Head Guide of Lost Arrow Resort and Hunting Preserve, I have had several opportunities to test the quality and performance of these pants, whether it was sitting in a deer blind for hours, tracking Whitetail Deer through 1200 acres of bottomland hardwoods and cedar swamps, Pheasant Hunting, Sporting Clays and Trap Shooting, even ice fishing. It was easy to select the correct type of the neoprene insert for the activity and the weather conditions.

We look forward to retailing this new and innovative product line to our hunting and fishing clients this season! Again, I am pleased to recommend R-Tec Barrier High Performance Pants unqualifiedly.

Mar 10, 2013 by Avery S.

Highly recommended!

The R-Tec Barrier is a product I have been looking for the last 30 years. It works beautifully. At first I was concerned about having the extra weight on my rear end and the insert sliding down to my knees. Neither happened. It is a wonderful product and anytime that the temperature is 15 degrees or lower, I wear my R-Tec Barrier thermal wear. It is a great product for riding on a plastic chairlift all day long, for ice fishing or a football game. I highly recommend it and will be purchasing pairs for family and friends.

Dec 14, 2012 by John A

Very comfortable

One night when it wasn't quite cold enough for the R-TEC Barrier with the neoprene insert, I was surprised I was quite comfortable with it even though I initially thought I would overheat on that warmer day. I noticed the definite increase in heat especially sitting on a chair lift with plastic seats. It was great. I, of course, wore it in single digit temps and I was glad to have it on! As a telemark skier I thought I would have issues with the neoprene pad moving around but with a pair of fleece pants over the top, the insert stayed in place. I ride my bicycle to work every day and used this opportunity to again test the R-TEC Barrier. I was concerned about the neoprene pad slipping as a result of the repetitive motion and again, it stayed in place. This time, I had nothing over the underpant and it was great! I am excited to wear the R-Tec Barrier for other wintertime/late spring activities and whatever the conditions, I am pretty confident that I have an answer.

Sep 17, 2012 by Paul B.